Pool Maintenance and Pump Repair: Expert Advice and Service

Your pool is an ecosystem in and of itself and must be treated as such. It requires a careful balance of chemicals to keep the development of algae and microorganisms in check. Depending on how well it's taken care of, your pool can either be a place of relaxation and bliss or a cesspool of invisible, harmful bacteria. Only a trained professional will know the difference. Don't leave your family's health and safety to chance. We promote low chemical pools. To achieve this, we recommend salt pools as an alternative way of producing a measured quantity of chlorine. However, the current leading system in water technology is Ultra Violet, which eradicates the bacteria and facilitate the reduction of chlorine to the same levels as drinking water. We perform an onsite chemical test with our state of the art Mobile Test Lab which gives our customers a comprehensive reading of the chemical analysis of their pool water.

Chlorine and Sand Filter Alternatives

Emerald Pool Specialists will provide you and your family with efficient pool cleaning and pool maintenance services in and around the Clermont area of Orlando, Florida. Additionally we provide chlorine alternatives, sand filter replacements, and pump repairs for domestic pools. We also specialize in ultraviolet pool sanitization - one of the very few in Florida to do so. Expert advice and service is our guarantee.

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Pool Inspections 

Our pool inspections evaluate the whole pool environment. Our intention is to evaluate the condition of all pool components. We identify items that need repair or replacement to make the pool operational, safe, and reasonable to maintain. You receive a detailed customized report, not a checklist. This detailed report will be e-mailed to the address you provide on the realtor request form soon after the inspection is completed. Our report enables your client to proceed with confidence in their purchasing decision.

Pool Maintenance and Training

Our weekly pool service includes testing and adjusting the water chemistry, vacuuming and brushing when required, and emptying baskets. The filter will also be cleaned when necessary. The pool equipment is checked at each visit. Pool training is a service also carried out at your home, outlining the easiest and most efficient ways in which to maintain your pool and water chemistry. This is a convenient alternative for some who do not wish to have monthly pool maintenance and are eager to learn.

Ultra Violet

Ultra violet light systems nurture your pool water back to health. UV is a non-chemical technology used by New York to purify drinking water. The results are equally impressive in swimming pools. You will enjoy a pool that is safe, healthy, and a lot easier to maintain. UV does the heavy lifting by eliminating 99.5 per cent of pool pathogens. The result being 90 per cent less chemicals in your pool.

Reptile Removal

We also have 10 years experience in breeding & rearing snakes, lizards & spiders. Our previous collection of over 25 snakes also contained a Burmese Python which was hand reared from 12 inches long to 14 feet. Dealing with reptiles in your home or place of business is one of the unique realities of living in Florida. Emerald Pool Specialists can provide a safe and humane removal service & will relocate the reptile to a more appropriate environment.

We currently do not handle venomous snakes. If on inspection we discover the reptile to be venomous, we will take every precaution necessary before then contacting a licensed professional to help in the removal of this pest.