About Us

Emerald Pool Specialists was founded by Fran & Maria Mc Donnell. With Maria's 30 years experience in business & financial management and Fran's 35 years in plumbing installations and water treatment, we offer a professional and expert service. What makes our company unique is the peace of mind we offer our customers by providing proof that their pool is safe. Our portable chemical analysis lab analyses the chemicals in our customers pools once a month and emails/texts the results to the customer, so they know we have completed the job we promised to do. We look forward to reassuring more customers that their pool is safe in our hands.

Fran McDonnell

Fran was born in Dublin, Ireland. He and his wife Maria ran their own business. Maria has 30 years experience in business & financial management, Fran has 35 years experience in retail & installing Solar Panels, Pumps, Heaters, Air conditioning units, Water filters etc. Fran also worked with Hospitals preventing the spread of legionella through water supplies. This inspired a professional interest in water chemistry so he achieved certification as a Registered Pool and Spa Technician which brought him & his family to Florida. Together their goal is to provide safe healthy pools for families to enjoy.